7th–Social Studies Colonies

Question Answer
Define APPRENTICE Learning a trade from an experience craftsman
What is the name for a document that gave colonies the legal rights to exist? Charter
Magna Carta was also known as ____________________. "The Great Charter"
What did "The Great Charter" do? It limited the power of the king.
What was the name for the hands off rules of the colonies in the early 1700s? Salutary Neglect
Define PARLIAMENT England's law-making body
Name the document agreeing to respect the rights of English citizens. English Bill of Rights
What were a group of laws passed by Parliament to monopolize colonial trade? Navigation Acts
What does it mean to MONOPOLIZE? To take full control of something; To have exclusively
What were the 3 main regions in colonial America? New England, Middle colonies, Southern colonies
The majority of the people living in the colonies had what occupation? Farmer
Define OCCUPATION The work a person does; their job
What is a DEMOCRACY? A type of government where the people are ruled.
What type of government did the colonist really want to have? A democracy
Name the English philosopher who argued for a democracy. John Locke
Name the English philosopher who influenced many of the founding documents. John Locke
What were the main products in the New England? Fishing and Trading
Which colony had the main products of large grain farming and ship building? Middle colonies
Which colony had the main products of plantations? Southern colonies
What type of plantations were common in the Southern colonies? tobacco, rice, indigo, and cotton
Name 4 ways the geography of American influenced the colonies. –jobs
–food they were able to eat and grow
–how they transported their goods
–how they used the environment for their benefit
What determined one's rights, social status, and wealth in colonial America? Their land
Who usually worked around the home. The women
At what age were children expected to start doing chores around the house? 3-4
What subject was taught in school to help children learn? Religion