8SS Q1 Historiograph 8SS Q1 Historiography Quiz

Question Answer
The way people look at or interpret facts about the past History
An opinion or point of view interpretation
Things that influence a point of view Frame of reference
Something that can be proven fact
Approaching the study of history like a story Narrative approach
Focusing on history as an interpretation Analytical approach
Primary source First hand account of an event, recorded at time event happened
Secondary source An account of an event that was created by someone not present when event took place
Analyzing a resource to find out author, their point of view, believability Sourcing
Analyzing multiple pieces of evidence to attempt to find out the truth Corroboration
Analyzing a resource to identify author’s claim and find supporting evidence Close Reading
Analyzing a resource by placing the text within its original historical or cultural context Contextualizing
Diary entry by Thomas Jefferson, live film footage of President Obama’s inauguration, Colonial American artifact, court transcripts, Declaration of Independence, autobiography of Betsy Ross, speeding ticket Primary Source
Biography about Joe Flacco, movie Gettysburg (1993 edition), “Medieval Times to Today” textbook, a teacher, documentary, Secondary Source
The Constitution, instagram post, marriage license, police records – public or private source? Public Source
Letter, diary/journal, family photos – public or private source? Private Source
An example of analyzing a source through Sourcing There was a fight in the cafeteria during lunch. Before meeting with witnesses of the fight, you review each witnesses'statement to determine what is believable
An example of analyzing a source through Corroboration After reading each witness' account of the fight in the cafeteria, you try to establish what is true by comparing the information from each witness to each other, looking for differences between the accounts.
An example of analyzing a source through Close Reading To make a final decision about the fight, you evaluate each witness' claim and look for concrete evidence to support the statement.