ally social studies 9 17

Term Definition
northeast region the region we live in
geography the study of Earth and the way people live on it and use it
precipitation the moisture that falls to Earth as rain or snow
Megalopolis a group of cities so close together that they seem to form one large city
interdependent means to depend on each other for needs and wants
economy the way a country uses its natural resources, money, and knowledge to produce goods and services
conservation the protection and careful use of our planet's natural resources
climate the weather that an area has over a number of years, including its general temperature
nonrenewable sources (name 3 examples) coal oil natural gas
Earth's environment made up of all the surroundings in which people, plants, and animals live
name 3 natural resources water
natural gas
name 3 types of precipitation rain sleet snow hail
describe the difference between humid America and Arid America one gets more rain than the other…humid = damp arid=dry
Name 2 landforms you learned about in lesson 1 The Rocky Mountains
The Grand Canyon
name the five regions of the United States Northeast
South West