Ancient Greece L1 Ancient Greece L1 5th Grade

Question Answer
Present day Greece is located in ______________ Europe on the Balkan ____________. Southeastern, peninsula
Greece is a __________________, which is a stretch of land surrounded by water on three sides. Peninsula
The Balkan peninsula curves south and east toward a part of Asia called __________. Asia Minor
Asia minor is part of ___________, today. Turkey
The southern part of Greece is almost separated from the rest of the mainland by _______________ and ________________ seas. Ionian and Aegean
Only a small group of land called an _______________ connects them. Isthmus
__________________ are the major landform of Greece, and they cover nearly 3 force of the mainland Greece. Mountains
The jagged coastline of cream is the rounded by as many as 2000 Islands. The largest of these islands is ____________. Crete
____________________ cut off Greece's settlements from each other and as a result each community developed on its own. Mountains
For many centuries, the mountains kept the people of Greece from uniting under one _________________. Government
Because of the mountains _______________ and _______________ were difficult. Trading and traveling
Mountains also affected ___________________. Agriculture
Only _____ percent of the land is a farmable, since the soil is poor and rocky. 20
The ancient Greeks adapted by raising animals such as ___________, _______, and ____________. Sheep, goats, and pigs
They could raise sheep, goats, and pigs because they did not need large areas for _________. Grazing
From sheep and goats, they obtained ___________, _____________, and ___________. Wool, hides, and cheese
They ate very little meat, but when they did, they preferred ____________. Pork
The early farmers planted _________, ___________, _______, and _________.
Cooking oil, lamp fuel, and perfumes were made from ______________. Olive oil
Wine was made from ___________. Grapes
The sea is provided an abundance or lots of ______ and an easier way of ________ than hiking through the mountains. Fish, travel
The ancient Greeks started most of their ____________ near the coast. Settlements
The Greeks developed into a ________ culture of fishers, sailors, and traders. Seafaring
Greece has many find sheltered places with Deepwater close to the shore called __________. Harbors
Really see travel, people had more contact with one another and began to _______. Exchange ideas and religious beliefs
According to the Greeks, _______________ ruled the seas, but despite the dangers, the Greeks depended on it for food and transportation. Poseidon
The success of the early Greek farmers made ____________ and _____________ possible. Exchange and trade
To get the goods and resources they lacked, the ancient Greeks began to ______ with other groups in the _______________. Trade, Mediterranean
Trade resulted in an ___________ of ideas. Exchange
For example, the people agrees learn from civilization in southwestern Asia to mix ______ and ________ to make ____________. Copper and tin to make bronze
They made ____________ , tools, and bowls from their new metal. Weapons