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Question Answer Phenobarb elixir 10 mg is ordered. The elixir comes prepared as 20mg/5cc How much elixir will you give? 2 1/2 How many DSSP are there in an ounce? 3 (one med cup) How many tablespoons are in an ounce? 2 If a resident goes out on LOA for less than 72 hours, can meds be repackaged? Yes Who has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that all meds are passed in a safe and proper manner? The Administrator does. Who is allowed to teach the use of a breathing apparatus? Anyone qualified or an expert in the field. How many days does a pharmacist have to replace a soiled label? Two (2) working days Who determines if a resident may self administer his/her own meds? By assessment and a team of people–the resident and his/her legal representative, his/her DALP and a facility representative. Destruction of meds must take place within how many days? 60 days How many days does a physician have to sign and return a telephone order? 5 WORKING days At @ Antispasmodic Prevents muscle spasms Miotic Causes constriction of the pupil of the eye Where would otic drugs be used? In your ears Decongestant Relieves congestion < Lesser than (Looks like an L equals less than) Antianxiety meds work to do what? (Benzodiazepines) Prevent or alleviate anxiety This is the type of pulse you're taking when you listen with a Stethoscope to someone's heart Apical If your order reads: Tylenol 325 mg tabs. Give two tabs PO every six hours PRN. What is missing from the order? Use scratch pad to write answer on The reason to give PRN. PRN's must have a reason/for what symptoms. Antihyperlipidemic Decreases cholesterol and triglyceride's. Hyper = high,
Lipid = fat, Fighting high fat in blood, Em = blood Antiasthmatic (Bronchodilator) Prevents or Relieves respiratory distress If an order reads to give 2 teaspoons. How many milliliters is this? 10 This is an acceptable temperature range for medications stored in the fridge. 35 degrees to 41 degrees. Not to exceed 41 degrees These are the three checks that must be done prior to administering a medication 1. While pulling, 2. before popping, 3. after popping/before giving According to regulations, A. this is the frequency with which schedule II medications must be counted when in active use. B. When not in active use?

When not in active use? A. Daily when in use. B. weekly not in use. However, follow your facilities policy, most facilities count every shift. What are the three effects of medication? 1. Desired effect 2. adverse effect 3. no apparent effect NOCT Nocturnal at night Cl liq Clear liquid CBC Complete blood count Antibiotic Resolves infection, bacterial infection Anticoagulants do this Thin the blood, decreased clotting, prevents blood clotting Antidiarrheal Controls diarrhea What is the metric equivalent of 8 ounces? 240 cc (30cc x 8 oz) Antihistamine Relieves allergic symptoms, allergic response. Relieved with Use of medication such as Claritin and Zyrtec PO Or po By mouth ASA Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic acid) Antifungal Resolves fungus infection, treats fungus Antiparkinsons Controls tremors which are symptoms of Parkinson's disease H2O Water LB or lb Pound 1/2 mg = solid or liquid Solid, 500 mcg also known as 1/2 a milligram (0.5 mg) t or tsp Teaspoon What are the two kinds of anti-inflammatory drugs? Steroid–naturally occurring hormone NSAID–Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, a synthetic anti-inflammatory drug How often are schedule II drugs counted while in use? Every shift change GU Genitourinary What is an antiphalactic reaction? Allergic reaction Ca Calcium The order is written for: Antivert 25 mg PO TID. The label reads 10 mg per tablet. How many tablets do you give? 2 1/2 Resp Respiratory CM or cm Centimeter Antipyretics work to do this Reduce fever Emetic Causes vomiting QS or qs Quantity sufficient Analgesics work to do this? Relieve pain This is the amount of grams in 500 mg 0.5 (move the decimal 3 spaces right for grams to milligrams and three spaces left for milligrams to grams) This is the frequency that most medication orders must be renewed by the physician. Yearly This is the measurement which is interchangeable with cc's ML or ml ECG (or EKG) Electrocardiogram C or c Centi This is the name of the type of pulse you are taking when you put your finger on the wrist Radial S (with a line over it ) or w/o or W/O Without d Decie QW Every week Three months is the length of time that these medication orders are good for. What is the medication? Psychotropic medications 1 L = ? ml? 1000 ml This is the normal range for respirations 12 to 20 DX Diagnosis A psychotropic med is approved for how long? 90 days (three months) WBC White blood count PX Prognosis These are the names of the three systems of measurements Home (household). Apothecary. metric TX Treatment U Unit CPR Cardio pulmonary resuscitation This is what must occur before a CRMA is allowed to give the two types of injectables. Extra training outside of the CRMA training, given by a RN a with a line over it Before 0.5 mg = solid or (indicate all measurements, derivatives) Solid, 0.5 mg =1/2 mg also 500 mcg 0.25 mg = solid or liquid (indicate all measurements, all derivatives) Solid, 0.25 mg = 250 mcg, 0.25 mg = 1/4 mg CHF Congestive heart failure PC with a line over it, could also have no line , or pc After meals Antidepressant Prevents or relieves the symptoms of depression. Mood elevators, Tricyclic's H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide I (this is the letter i) Iodine K Potassium KCL Potassium chloride MOM Milk of magnesia Na Sodium NTG Nitroglycerin O2 Oxygen SSKI (last digit is an i, not a number one) Saturated solution of potassium iodine AM Morning AP Apical pulse AS Automatic stop BP Blood pressure BM Bowel movement c with line over it or W/ With Sulfate (Sulfa) drugs (what are they for, what do they do?) Treats urinary tract infections CRMA Certified residential medication aide Dil Dilute DSSP Double teaspoon amb Ambulate, or ambulatory Elix Elixir Hct Hematocrit Hgb Hemoglobin H hr or degree sign Hour L Liter Hx History I & O Intake and output IU or I.U. International unit L (circled) Left ROM or rom Range of motion LOA Leave of absence MAR Medication administration record min Minute ml (or ML) Milliliter MR X or mr x May repeat #times RM or rm Room OTC Over the counter PM Afternoon or evening RBC Red blood count PR Per rectal (Per rectum) R Rectal or respiration R with circle around it Right RPH Registered pharmacist Rx Treatment or prescription R.A.C.E. 1. Remove, 2. activate alarm, 3. contain fire/close doors, 4. extinguish fire(if small) SOB Shortness of breath Spec Specimen s/s Signs/symptoms TPR Temperature pulse respiration Pt Patient Wt Weight @ At ac also with a line over it Before meals AD or ad (tip – right-handed = Dominant, D = right Right ear (also means admitting diagnosis) AS or as Left ear AU or au Both ears BID or bid Two times a day Cap(s) Capsule(s) cc Cubic centimeter c/o Complain of d/c or D/C Discontinue PT Physical therapy amt Amount gtt(s) A drop(s) OOB Out of bed mg or Mg Milligrams od or OD Right eye os or OS Left eye ou or OU Both eyes N & V Nausea and vomiting Triangle shape Change i ii iii (with or without line over the number) 1 tab, 2 tab etc I II III IV V Etc (with or without line over the number) One , Two, three, or four etc. P or p with a line over it After NSAID Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug NKDA No known drug allergies Q or q Every QD or qd Every day, also used as Once a day QH or qh Every hour Q2h q4h q8h Every 2, 4 or eight hours QHS or qhs Every hour of sleep or bedtime QID or qid Four times a day NKA No known allergy sc or subq Subcutaneous SL Sublingual sol Solution SS without a line over it One half Stat At once, right away supp Suppository Susp Suspension Tab(s) Tablet(s) TID tid Three times a day TINCT Tincture T or tbsp Tablespoon MS (a drug) Morphine sulfate M. I. (Mi) Myocardial infarction ung or oint Ointment Arrow up Increase, upper, elevate(d) Arrow down Lower, decrease SYR Syrup True or false? An apical pulse is taken on the wrist False True or false? An apical pulse is taken by using two fingers over the pulse site False True or false? A normal adult pulse is 60-100 True True or false? A normal BP reading could be 110/72 True True or false? A body temperature is 98.6 True True or false? A normal adult respiration count is 28.32 False True or false? If unable to obtain a BP reading after pumping and deflating the cuff, you can re-inflate the cuff on the same arm immediately. False. You need to allow arm to rest True or false? It is OK to take a Pulse for 15 seconds and multiply by four, when NOT in an emergency situation False True or false? A BP should be taken on a bare arm or through a very thin sleeved fabric. True True or false? A radial pulse is taken on the wrist True Antiemetic Controls nausea & vomiting Antitussive Cough suppressant, relieves cough LLQ Lower left quadrant CVA Cerebrovascular accident (stroke) Diamox is given instead of Diuril 1. What type of error is this? 2. What is the danger to the client 3. How can this be prevented? Use scratch pad to write answer on 1. Wrong med, 2. side effects of Diuril vs Diamox. Possible allergic reactions 3. check the label against MAR every time dr Dram DSD Dry sterile dressing DSS Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate or COLACE EEG Electroencephalogram LICO3 Lithium carbonate fld Fluids What is the high and the low for fridge temps? not lower than 35 degrees not to exceed 41 degrees Laxatives work to do this? (Cathartic) Produce a bowel movement, stimulates intestines Gm Gram gr or g Grain – an apothecary measurement rarely used IV Intravenous h Hecto How many teaspoons are in an ounce? 6 HTN Hypertension Hypnotic Sedative, causes sleep If an order is written for Zoloft 25 mg and you have a Zoloft 50 mg on hand how many are you going to give? 1/2 a tab K or k Kilo The order reads: liquid antacid 30cc Q 4H PRN for heartburn, what is missing? The route, and how many doses are allowed in 24 hours. Reason to be given – required for PRN order MCG is it 1 2 3 4 solid or liquid? 1000 mcg = 1 mg smallest. Solid Forms that medication comes in, and types, name at least five. (There are several) Liquid , syrup, Elyxir, suspension, unit, dose, ampules, capsule, enteric coated , capsules, sustained release tablets, tablets, suppositories, capsule, trans dermal meds, Lozenges, spanzules, powder, viles , lotions, ointments 1L 1/2 L 1/4 L 30 ml 15 ml 10 ml 5 ml 1 ml. please indicate all equivalent 1L = 1000ml , 1/2 L = 500ml, 1/4 L = 250ml, 30ml = 1ounce also 1 med cup also 2 tbsp; 15 ml = 3 tsp, 10ml = 2 tsp, 5ml = 1 tsp, 1ml = 1cc 1 gm 1000 mg 1 kg 1 kilogram, equals 2.2 pounds, 1000 grams 1 ml is it liquid or solid? 1ml = 1cc liquid 1/4 L is it liquid or solid? 1/4 liter = 250 mL, Liquid OZ or oz Ounce Vag Vaginal PRN or prn As needed, whenever necessary, when required A prescription for psychotropic drugs is not to exceed how many months, (how many days) Psychotropic orders are not to exceed three months or 90 days Psychotropic drugs/meds work to do this? Alter mood or behavior kg Kilogram ht Height Q1H or q1h or q 1A° Every hour hr Hour Qt or qt Quart How are external drugs/meds stored Separate from drugs/meds to be taken internally gt One drop Ft Foot What are the two injectable medications a CRMA is allowed to give? EpiPen, insulin These are four names that a medication may have Brand, generic, USP (pharmacological), chemical These are five things that medications do in the body 1. Assist the body (antibiotics), 2. Produce an effect (laxative), 3.prevent disease (vaccine ), 4. alter mood or behavior (antidepressants ), 5. reduce or control symptoms (anticonvulsants) These are examples of routes of medication administration Rectal, oral, topical, Eye, ear, vaginal, transdermal, nasal, inhaled These are the seven rights, this is the eighth right Right 1. Person, 2. Med, 3.. Route, 4. Dose, 5.. Time, 6. To know 7. Refuse and 8. Documentation What is the type of inhaler or nebulizer which requires a person to rinse their mouth after administration? Steroid What type of liquid medication must be shaken prior to administration, as the drug is suspended in fluid and will settle to the bottom? Suspension How do you administer a medication sublingually? Under the tongue, the tablet dissolves What is an acceptable temperature range for medications to be stored in the refrigerator? 35 to 41A°, not to exceed 41A° This is the number of ounces in 30 cc 1 ounce What measurement is interchangeable with cc? ml FBS Fasting blood sugar A°F Fahrenheit degree Expectorant Loosens secretions so that they can be coughed up, Vasodilator Relaxes and dilates blood vessels W/C Wheelchair What are the medication categories? Prescription, which is controlled, schedule 2 to 5. Then Nonprescription OTC, non-controlled What are the metric measurements for solids? 1mg, 1gm, 1mg , 1mcg Show each metric measurement with the non-metric measurements of it 1mg = 1000 gm, 1gm = 1000 mg, 1mg = 1000 mcg,
1mcg = 0.5 mg 1/2 Who is allowed to take a telephone order? Only the RN, LPN, or pharmacist ETOH Alcohol E (***!!!note) Enema SS or ss 1/2 (half) QAM or qam or Q am or q am Every morning FeSO4 Ferrous sulfate, iron EENT Eyes, ears, nose, throat Diuretic Relieves fluid retention, causes you to pee CO2 Carbon dioxide Antihypertensive drugs work to do this Decrease blood pressure 1 GM = is it solid or liquid? 1 gram equals 1000 mg, solid Coagulants Cause the blood to clot A® Right Mary, the new CRMA, asked Bob (the client) which one of the ladies is Rita Burke, because she does not know her. What type of error is this? what is the danger to the client? how do you prevent this? Use scratch pad to write answer on Breach of confidentiality – you don't ask a resident about the resident. This could be disastrous! The resident you asked the question of me not know who you were speaking about or may not be in his or her right mind to give you a correct answer. Look at What is the metric equivalent of 2 tbsp – also indicate all derivatives – equivalents 30 ML, 1 ounce, one med cup GI Gastrointestinal What are the three systems of measurement?
(HAM) 1. Household 2. apothecary 3.metric Drsg Dressing CNS Central nervous system Antipruritic Relieves itching This is where you would place otic medications In ear Antiarrhythmic's work to do this Regulate the heartbeat IM Intramuscular (usually an injection) VS or vs Vital signs UA or ua u/a Urinalysis This is the metric unit of Measurement most commonly used when giving medications Milliliter Cardiac drugs – do what? These are drugs which slow and regulate the heartbeat NPO Nothing by mouth. No gum, no water nothing! SS Soapsuds Disch Discharge CA Cancer C Centigrade This is where you are placing eyedrops In the pockets of the lower lid dk Deca ASAP As soon as possible This is the most common source of medications Man made Approx Approximately PASS = (fire safety) what does this abbreviation mean? 1. PUll pin, 2. aim, 3. squeeze, 4.sweep As the CRMA, what do you do when you are receiving medications from the pharmacy? Count each medication, record the medication, compare the label to the MAR as well as the physicians orders What are the rules for transcribing orders? (There are 9 of them). Use scratch pad to write answer on 1.Receive order, 2.Determine completeness of order and that you understand the order,3. Contact the pharmacy with the new prescription(RX), (If writing Order do following, otherwise key entry into electronic MAR on system & be sure to verify info)4.Write This is the reason for making sure antibiotics are scheduled evenly over a 24 hour period To keep a therapeutic level of medication in the blood stream of the patient or resident Antidiabetic Controls diabetes, decreases blood sugar Antacid Prevents or relieves gastric distress abd Abdomen Schedule II This is the type of drug to be documented in the bound book Anticonvulsant (Antipileptics) Prevents or control seizures. Can be used as a psychotropic drug, it controls behaviors (found in medication such as Depakote, Lamitol) Rita booth is given the four pills which belong to her roommate, Ruth. 1. What is the type of error? 2. What is the danger to the client? 3. how this can be prevented? 1. Wrong person 2. medication effects in wrong person's body. Possible allergic reaction to wrong medication. 3. Properly identifying the right resident What is missing or wrong with this order? Tylenol 325 mg 1 to 2 tablets PO PRN Q4H for fever, headache, pain An order cannot say 1 to 2 tablets it has to clearly say one or two, a PRN order has to say what it is for. This is the largest weight in the metric system Kilogram This is the normal range for blood pressure 120/80, it does vary, 135/89 is acceptable > also with line under or over it Greater than How do you show discontinued meds on the MAR? Paper MAR- If first to use med show start/stop dates/times, indicate end&date at last date of use. Run a line to the end of the column. Last person to use the med writes "discontinued", name/credentials/date & yellows out whole area. This is the smallest weight in the metric system Microgram What if you forget to give a medication? Write an incident report regarding the omission. Give it to your supervising nurse. Or leave in a sealed envelope marked with the supervising nurses name. How do we track the medications a client takes each day? Medications are indicated in the MAR Why would you write "see medication and health notes"? So that additional information can be written down on the back of the MAR, or for an unusual event that won't fit in the MAR. (and in electronic MAR the information would be on the TAR or a blank area indicated for notes) When are orders for long-term medications to be rewritten? Long-term medication orders must be rewritten every year. What is missing on this order? Digoxin 2 tablets, QD PO for bad heart. Signed/dated The dosage such as the size of the tab, 250 mg, 25 mg, etc. and the times the medication is to be given. What is missing on this order? Methicillin 500 mg Q6H for bronchitis. Signed/dated The Route, the Times that the medication needs to be given. What do the regulations consider as medications? Any substance given to a client to treat something. What do orders for a psychotropic drug need? How long are the orders good for? A reason to be given with detailed, specific maximum amount of dosage indicated for a certain timeline. Psychotropic drug orders need to be re-issued every three months. These drugs can be addictive, we aren't to use our own judgement. What do orders need to be valid.? (There are eight things.) 1. Date 2. Name of client 3. Name of medication 4. Dosage 5. Time to give 6 Route 7. Signature of DALP 8. Any special instructions. Not to exceed 12 months, psychotropic meds not to exceed three months or 90 days, psychotropic meds need more documentatio What are the three pulse types/places? 1. Radial – wrist 2. Apical – left nipple 3. Brachial- at bend of elbow This is what the regulations state regarding the storage of internal and external medications. Each type needs to be kept separate. There should be a storage area for each type. What is the smallest weight in the metric system? Microgram Steroid A naturally occurring hormone ADL Activity of daily living HS or hs Hour of sleep, or at bedtime, right before bed. The med tech or CRMA needs to pick the time so it is done. TIA Transischemic attack (mini stroke) aa (also with a line over it) Of each FX or fx Fracture m Milli DOB Date of birth Adm Admitted or admission liq Liquid NOC Night, nocturnal CA (with a degree sign) Centigrade TOP Topical, or on the skin Generally speaking, if you have a true/false question, which uses the words "always" or "never", this will be your answer. False Where is the inventory of the Schedule II drugs recorded? In the bound book What are the requirements of diabetes training/insulin training? Learning foot care and insulin storage Radial pulse Normal = ______ to _______ beats per minute. Average = _______. Call RN if below _____. Call RN if above ______ Radial pulse Normal = 60 to 100 beats per minute. Average = 80. Call RN if below 60. Call RN if above 100 Name two things that must be on a prescription label. (There are several) Expiration date, prescription number, date, time, med name, dosage, name of DALP, instructions Kt or KCL Potassium If an order says to give Robitussin 30cc. how many ounces are in this order? One How long our regular drugs and over-the-counter medications good for? One year, or 12 months This would be a good storage place for someone who administers their own medication. In their room, in the bedside cabinet. If 1 tablespoon is equal to 15 ML, then this number of ml is equal to 3 tablespoons. 45ml These are examples of schedule I drugs. (This is not a complete list) Illegal substances such as crack, LSD, PCP, cocaine This is the place that medication closet keys should be kept On the person responsible for administering (giving) the medications The order reads; amoxicillin 2 tablespoons PO BID for seven days. What is missing from this order? Use scratch pad to write answer on The strength of the medication. Also the times need to be indicated. Start & stop dates/times Tapered medications need to be indicated on the MAR in the following way. Paper MAR. Each tapering off the medication has its own blocked off area showing the start/stop dates/times & amounts. There should be a line between each separate tapered section. This is the correct way to document a refusal Circle your initials and document on the back of the paper MAR. Electronic version: indicate this electronically as taught in class. The order reads; Depakote 125 mg tabs, two tabs PO. What is missing from this order? Use scratch pad to write answer on Frequency, how often, the times that the medication are to be given. This is the length of time the CRMA has to sign off the medication record before it is considered a medication/documentation error. Until the end of their shift This is the correct procedure when giving two different eyedrops. Wait five minutes between the two types On a paper MAR what does it mean when your initials are circled? That this is an error or a discontinue note will be written on the back of the MAR. Can a CRMA dispose of or destroy schedule II medications? No Name three of the five sources of medications. Feel free to name all five. 1. Plants, 2. Animals 3. Minerals 4. Man-made synthetics 5. Micro organisms These other people responsible dispose all schedule II medications Pharmacist, DEA, approved state representative Schedule II medications. How long is this prescription good for. 30 days This is the best position for someone to be in when administrating nasal spray's. Up right This is the best position for someone to lie on when administering a suppository On their left side On a paper MAR this is the correct procedure when you make an entry error on the medication record. Draw a single line through the entry, initial it, insert the correct information on the back of the form. This is the metric equivalent of 2 tablespoons (one med cup) 30 ML, 1 ounce Antiphalactic reaction The whole body is in overdrive, it is a reaction to an Allergen, it is a allergic reaction The medication is ordered Q12H & is scheduled to be given at 8 AM and 5 PM. 1. What is the type of error? 2. What is the danger to the client? 3. How can you prevent this? Use scratch pad to write answer on 1. The wrong time has been written in. 2. This is too close in timeline. 3. Medication should be given evenly spaced in a 24 hour period. Staff gave Mike 20cc liquid phenobarbital. The order read give 2.0cc. 1. What is the type of error? 2. What is the danger to the client? 3. How can this be prevented? Use scratch pad to write answer on 1. Wrong dosage. 2. It is an overdose. 3. Can be prevented by; Paying strict attention to the amount ordered. John received his 8 PM Ambien at 8 AM. 1. What is the type of error? 2. What is the danger to the client? 3. How can this be prevented? Use scratch pad to write answer on 1. Med given at the wrong time. 2. The medication has a sedative effect. 3. Can be prevented by reading the order and administering the medication at the designated time. If an order says to give Tylenol 400 mg twice a day, what will be the total daily dose? 800 mg Mary was given 80 mg of Prolixin instead of 80 mg of Pepcid. 1. What is the type of error? 2. What is the danger to the client? 3. How can this be prevented? Use scratch pad to write answer on 1. Wrong medication was given. 2. The danger to the client would be the side effects of the medication given. 3. Prevented by reading the label and comparing it to the MAR. The order reads Tylenol 500 mg and the container says that the Tylenol is 250 mg each. How many tabs do you get off? 2 Depakote order changed from 2 pills of 300 mg to 3 pills of 300 mg on Jan. 3. On Feb. 1, it is noted that client has been receiving 2 pills. 1.What is the type of error? 2.What is the danger to client? 3.How is this error prevented.? Use scratch pad to 1. Wrong transcription. 2. Under-dosing. 3. Make sure to transcribe the order properly, that everybody is notified & label changed if necessary If a client is going to day treatment or home for the weekend how do they take their medications? Each medication is put in a separate envelope, the envelope is marked with the name of the med, clients name, dosage, strength of drug and original prescription directions go with that. Also enclose any separate instructions that are necessary. 1/2 L = Is this solid or liquid? 1/2 liter = 500 ml This is a liquid KG = is this solid or liquid? Is this big or small? 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th? = 1000 gm, 2.2 lbs, Biggest, it is a solid Mg What does this mean? Is this 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Is this solid or liquid? Milligram, = 1000 mcg, Third, it is a Solid 30 ml What does this mean? Is this 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Is this solid or liquid? 30 ml = 1ounce, = 2 tbsp., whole med cup, it is a liquid 15 ml What does this mean? Is this 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Is this solid or liquid? 15 ml = 3 tsp = 1 tbsp., it is a liquid 10 ml What does this mean? Is this 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Is this solid or liquid? 10 ml = 2 tsp, it is a liquid 10 ml This is the number of ml in 2 tsp. This is the normal range for temperature in people. (Not fridge) 97.6 to 99.9 (Depending on how it's take) PO 98.6 1/4 GM = 1. What does this mean? 2. Is this solid or liquid? 1/4 gram = (1.) 250 mcg, 2. it is a solid ML to L 1 L = ? ML, 1/2 L = ? ml, 1/4 L = ? ml (note, equivalents double) 1 L = 1000 ML, 1/2 L = 500 ml, 1/4 L = 250 ml (note, equivalents double) What are the equivalents? 1000 ml = ?, 500 ml = ?, 250 ml ? , 1 ounce = ?, 3 tsp = ?, 2 tsp = ?, 1 tsp = ?, 1cc = ? 1000 ml = 1L, 500 ml = 1/2L, 250 ml = 1/4L , 1 ounce = 30ML, 1 med cup, 2 tbsp, 3 tsp = 15ml, 2 tsp = 10ml, 1 tsp = 5ml, 1cc = 1ml What are the equivalents? 1L = ?, 1/2L = ?, 1/4L = ? , 1 ounce = ?, 3 tsp = ?, 2 tsp = ? 1 tsp = ?, 1cc = ? 1L = 1000ml, 1/2L = 500ml, 1/4L = 250ml , 30ml – 1 med cup, 2 tbsp.; 3 tsp = 15 ml,, 2 tsp = 10ml, 1 tsp = 5ml, 1cc = 1ml 1 tsp 5 ml 5 ml 1 tsp GM – What does this mean? Is this 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Is this solid or liquid? How many milligrams? GM or gm = gram, 2nd, this is a solid, 1000 mg 5 ml What does this mean? Is this 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th? Is this solid or liquid? 5 ml = 1 tsp, First. Rremember, this is the base number, double this = 10 ml, 3 tsp = 15 ml, etc., this is a liquid QOD or qod Every other day i, ii, iii (with or without a line over each item) one tab, two tabs, three tabs (etc.) This is the normal range for a pulse. 60 and 100 beats per minute Amphetamines Cerebral Stimulant Anti-inflammatory: Steroid Decreases inflammation, swelling, pain (Steroid, NSAID) Antiovulant Prevents ovulation (Birth control) Antipsychotic (Neuroleptics) Strong tranquilizers, control symptoms of psychotic diseases such as Schizophrenia Barbiturate Sedative, causes sleep Bronchodilator Opens airways to improve breathing Cardiac drugs These are drugs which slow and regulate heartbeat. Such as: Cardiac glycoside, beta blocker nitrates, calcium channel blockers. Cortisone-like drugs A hormone which reduces inflammation Electrolyte supplement Replaces depleted body chemicals. Enzyme A protein substance which digests tissue. Hormone A regulating substance produced by the body. Mineral supplement Replaces minerals Muscle relaxant Relaxes skeletal muscles. Potassium supplement Replaces potassium in the body. Psychotropic Any mind altering drug, such as antipsychotic, antidepressant, antianxiety or hypnotics. Stool Softener Adds water to feces, draws fluid into the GI tract to soften stool Vaccine Prevents disease Vitamin supplement Replaces vitamins in the body. How are schedule II drugs stored? Under double lock in a separate locked box or cabinet within the med cabinet, med cart, or a double locked cabinet attached to the wall. What type of book are do Scheduled meds need to be document in, besides the MAR? Bound book Can meds be borrowed from one resident to another? NO!!! Can paper med cups be reused? NO!!! When an RN teaches an in-service, where must the documentation be filed? In the employee file. When urine testing is required, where is the urine disposed of? In the toilet. How often must a CRMA be recertified? Every two years. If a resident needs to take 2 teaspoons of Maalox, how many mls do you give? 10 ml If the order says to give Robitussin 30 cc, how many mls is this? 30 ml An order is written for: ASA 81 mg 1 PO daily. What is the total daily dosage 81 mg If the order reads Antivert 25 mg and you have only 5 mg on hand, how many tablets will you give? 5 tabs How many tsp are in an ounce? 6 What is missing from this order? Altace 20 mg 1 tab for hypertension. Route and time Name the four places we can obtain a person's body temperature. Forehead, Ear (Tympanic), Rectal, oral Anti-inflammatory: NSAID Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drug, synthetic. Decreases inflammation, swelling, pain. 0.5 grams = _____ grams = _____ milligrams 1/2 grams; 500 milligrams 1 cc equals how many ml? 1 ml 1 gram = _____ MILLIGRAMS 1000 1 kilogram = ________ grams 1000 1 liter = _________ milliliters 1000 1 meter = _______ milliliters 1000 1 milligram = ________ micrograms 1000 1 ounce = ______ tbl = _____ cc 2 tbl, 30 cc 1 tablespoon = ________ tsp = ________ cc 3 tsp, 15cc 1 teaspoon = ________ cc 5 cc 65 milligrams = ________ grain 1 grain True or False? A CRMA can take a telephone order from a practitioner. FALSE True or False? A Registered Nurse must teach you Diabetes/Insulin training, after you receive your CRMA certificate. TRUE ad lib as patient desires APAP Acetaminophen Approx Approximately Are schedule I drugs prescribed? No ASAP As soon as possible At @ C Centigrade Can you use white out to cover an error on a MAR or other legal document? No Cl Chloride CRMA's can't accept a phone order, but they can accept a ? Fax order/script Do PRN's have a time window? No FSBS Finger stick blood sugar FX or fx fracture GM, gm or G Gram Gram measures _____ Weight Hormonal replacements Replaces hormones in the body How many times do we check a med when pouring & administering the med? Check 3 times. 1. When you take the med out 2. When you pour the med 3. when you put the container/bubble pack back. How must Schedule II meds be disposed of? They must be brought to the pharmacist or police. How must Schedule II meds be stored? Under double lock. How must Schedule II meds be documented? In the MAR, in a bound book and on the individual count form. How often do scheduled meds have to be counted if not in use, but stored in the building? At least weekly True or False? Instead of initialing and circling your initials on the front of the MAR for a refusal, you can write in the letter "R" and circle it. FALSE Is a refusal considered a med error? No, but it must be documented. IU or I.U. International unit KI (that is a capital i) Potassium Iodine Liter measures _________ Volume m Milli M.I. or Mi Myocardial infarction Mcg microgram mEg Milli Equivalents Meter measures ________ Length MG Magnesium mm millimeters NaCL Sodium Chloride NS Normal Saline Sedative _______ Causes sleep Sources of medication area: plants, animals, minerals, factories, microorganisms This is the most common source of medications ______. Man made tr trace True or False. A normal adult pulse range is 60-100 TRUE True or False. If you are unable to obtain a BP reading after pumping and deflating the cuff, you can re-inflate the cuff on the same arm immediately. FALSE Wgt Weight What 3 places do Schedule II drugs need to be recorded? 1. MAR 2. Individual Narcotic Record 3. Bound book What are 3 cardiotonic meds Digitalis, Digoxin, Lanoxin What are the 8 routes for giving meds? 1. Mouth, 2. Rectally, 3. Vaginally, 4. Subcutaneously, 5. Topically, 6. In ear, 7. in eye(s) 8. inhaled What are analgesics for? Reducing pain What are antiarrhythmics for? Regulating heart beat What are anticonvulsants for? Decreasing seizure activity What are antihypertensive for? Reducing blood pressure What are the Household measurement(s) T (tablespoon), t (teaspoon), C (cup(s)) What are psychotropic meds for? mind and mood What are the 4 links in the chain of infection? 1. a germ 2. a place for germ to live 3. a susceptible host 4. a way for the germ to enter the host What are the 5 classes of controlled substance drugs? 1. Schedule I 2. Schedule II, 3. Schedule III, 4. Schedule IV and 5. Schedule V What are the normal readings for B/P, pulse and respirations? 120/80, 60-100, 16-20 What are the 3 different ways a germ can enter a host? 1. Direct contact, 2. indirect contact 3. airborne contact What directions do you give to a patient when you administer an inhalant? Breath in, breath out, on the count of 3, I will press button to administer medication, breath in as I say 3, hold your breath for as long as possible, slowly release your breath. (Rinse if inhalant is a steroid) What do you give to a patient when you are administer a solid oral med? A cup of water that is at least 4 What 5 places can a temp be taken? 1. Orally, 2. Rectally, 3. Axillary, 4. Brow 5. ear What 4 places are pulses usually taken? 1. Radial, 2. Carotid, 3. apical, 4. pedal (foot/feet) What is aspirin for? As an antipyretic (fever) and as an anticoagulant What is the procedure to administer a suppository? Patient must be laying down on left side. apply lubricant to suppository. Using your index finger, gently press suppository into Anal area of patient. Be sure to press into patient up to the second knuckle of your index finger. What is the time window for administering regularly scheduled meds? Up to 1 hour before and 1 hour after the schedule time What 3 things do you need in order to give meds? 1. Be certified. 2. have your certification onsite 3. and have a Dr's order to give the med(s) What type of med requires taking a pulse before giving? Cardiotonic meds Where can med info be found? The internet On-line; PDR, other med reference book, pharmacist, RN Where is the apical pulse taken? Heart, left nipple area Where is the radial pulse taken? writs What is the procedure to administer ear drops? Roll container in hands 2 warm. Turn pt head 2 side so ear is up. Gently squeeze med container so that drop goes into ear. Apply correct # of drops to ear. Put small cotton ball in ear & remove in 10 mins. w/o or W/O Without