DW – Sci Ch2

Question Answer
life cycle the series of stages that an organism passes through from egg or spore to reproducing adult
generationembryo one complete life cyclean
genetic material the set of instructions within a cell that controls an organism's characteristics and life processes
fungus a decomposer that usually reproduces through spores
mushroom a fleshy, spore-producing growth of certain fungi
gills the structures on the underside of a mushroom
cotyledon the nutrient-rich structure in a seed
embryo an organism produced from a spore or fertilized egg, in the early stages of development
seedling a young plant
fertilization the uniting of the genetic material of two cells
fruit a plant structure that surrounds the seed(s) of a flowering plant
redd a salmon nest
alevin a very young salmon hatchling
parr a young, growing salmon
smolt an immature salmon that migrates to the ocean
What are two ways that human activities harm salmon by interfering with its life cycle? dams and farm irrigation
List 3 places on Earth you can find bacteria peanuts, ocean, and human mouth
Why are pollinators important to the life cycle of a flowering plant? They spread pollen and carry pollen to other plants so it can reproduce
What is the purpose of a fish ladder? A structure that helps a salmon find its way home.
Where do fungi grow best? In a warm and wet environment
What part of the seed feeds the growing embryo? cotyledon
Which stage does a salmon mature into adulthood? smolt
What life cycle includes an underground mat of threadlike strands of cells? mushrooms
What does the Amopheles Mosquito transmit to humans? the disease Malaria
Reproduction of organisms involve_____________________________ and _______________________. life cycle
generation and genetic material and offspring