FoodAnimal Nutrition

Term Definition
Dry Matter The amount of everything in a feed EXCEPT water (DM)
As sampled basis nutrients in a sample including water (aka as fed basis)
Dry Matter Basis nutrients in a sample minus water
Crude Protein (CP) total protein in a sample including true protein and non-protein nitrogen
Urea & Ammonia (CPE) crude protein equivalent. Not proteins, but contain nitrogen that can be used to get microbes in rumen to synthesize protein
Soluble protein (SP) proteins & non-protein nitrogen that are rapidly broken down in rumen
degradable protein (RDP) consists of SP & proteins of intermediate ruminal degradability
undegradable protein (RUP) proteins that have a slow rate of degradability and escape rumen digestion
neutral detergent fiber (NDP) measue of hemicellulose, cellulose, & ligning representing the fibrous bulk of the forage. NDF is negatively correlated w/ intake