HowtostudyAncienthis How to study Ancient History Terms

Term Definition
Archeology The study of objects to learn about past human life
Artifacts An object made by people that survives the test of time
Paleontology The study of fossils
Fossils Plant or animal remains that have been preserved from an earlier time
Anthropology The study of human culture and how it develops over time
Species A class of individuals with similar physical characteristics
Decade A period of 10 years in time
Century A period of 100 years in time
Millennium A period of 1000 years in time
Era A large division of time such as a million years
Primary Source First hand evidence of an event in history
Secondary Source A document or written work created after an event
Evidence Something that shows proof that something is true
Point of View A personal attitude about people or life
Bias An unreasoned, emotional judgment about people and events