Kaplan – Cardio 3 Chronic Stable Angina

Question Answer
This type of angina is predictable and follows some sort of physical exertion or psychological stress. Chronic unstable angina
ECG changes seen with stable angina are __ _____ ________ or ____ _________ in leads correlating with area of heart experiencing decreased myocardial oxygen supply. T wave inversion, ST depression
Stable angina lasts ____ – ____ minutes and is relieved by _________ and ______. 5-20 minutes, nitrates, rest
Most people with stable angina describe the pain as ___________, _____________, ____________, ___________ or ___________________________________ pressure, indigestion, heaviness, achy feeling across chest
Pain associated with stable angina may located in _______, _____, _____, ___________, _____ or ___________ region. chest, jaw, arms, substernal, back, epigastric
Accompanying symptoms of stable angina include ________, __________, ____ and _____________. nausea, dizziness, SOB, diaphoresis
Angina occurs as a result of the myocardium lacking blood supply due to CAD, primarily ________________, but may also be related to _________ or __________. atherosclerosis, thrombus, vasospasm
_______ is the most prominent risk factor associated with chronic stable angina pectoris. CAD
Serum cardiac biomarkers are ___________ in stable angina. normal
The goal a treatment in stable angina is to increase myocardial oxygen supply using ________ and decrease demand using ________, _____ and _____ ___________. nitrates, nitrates, CCBs, beta blockers
Lifestyle modification teaching should include Smoking cessation, diabetic education, weight control, stress/anxiety reduction, promotion of a non-sedentary lifestyle, proper diet, BP and cholesterol control
Type of stable angina that is associated with illicit drug use is called __________ angina and is caused by coronary __________. Prinzmetal's, vasospasms
Daily anti-platelet agents may be prescribed for stable angina, with ____ being the first-line agent, unless patient has a recent ____ or ______ placement, in which case _______ is recommended ASA 81 mg, MI, stent, Plavix
Patients with stable angina should be educated on use of ______________ (medication). nitroglycerin
Surgical intervention for stable angina may include _____________, ______ or ______. angioplasty, PCI's, CABG