Midterm 1

Question Answer
What is our FITT principles? Frequency, intensity, type, time
What illness/injuries are common among law enforcement? Suicide, auto accidents, heart attack, attack by suspects
Long term effects of alcohol abuse Liver disease, cancer, anger, depression, anxiety, stroke
Misdemeanor charges occuring in the county are heard in? Justice court
Las Vegas is the ______ circuit in the court of appeal? 9th
A panel of 6-12 individuals who sit on a trial Petit jury
How long does an individual who is arrested based on probable cause have to be seen by a judge? 72 hours
Gross misdemeanor must be filed within what amount of time? 2 years
Probable cause goes to? district court
Four primary entities in the criminal justice system Law enforcement courts, juvenile justice system, corrections
List at least 4 protected classes listed in the federal & state law, as well as department policy? Age, race, disability, color, gender, religion, nationality, sex
Name two types of discrimination Desperate treatment & adverse impact
The two types of sexual harrassment are quid pro quo and hostile work environment True
List 3 avenues that employees have to file a complaint with an LVMPD any supervisor, employment diversity section, internal affairs, AOB
List two outside agencies that employees can go to file a complaint? NERC, equal employment opportunity (EEOC)
Which NRS code is also known as the rights of peace officers? NRS 289
LVMPD's internal affairs bureau investigates all of southern Nevada law enforcement agencies False
Anonymous complains are investigated by the internal affairs bureau True
Internal affairs bureau investigation are typically completed within 90 days
If you are sustained after an investigation, discipline is determined by labor relations & chain of command
How much notice is the internal affairs bureau required to give prior to an interview 48 hours
The education based discipline action will be offered in lieu of _______ suspension 8 hours
The employee early identification interview will be generated for at risk employee program after ______ number of complaints in the enrolling year 3
The number of persons one individual can supervise effectively general 8-12 span of control
The head of an organizatin or supervisor should not find in necessary to personally act on each matter coming under his jurisdiciton Exception principle
An officiant place to look up an inmate court date is where? External reports
To look up action items listing go to external reports and open the ______ file incident pending
The module bed assignment list can be found in the external reports in the ? location file
The most important type of alert is W-warning/restrictions
Two types of conflict internal and interpersonal
This type of conflict exist between two or more people interpersonal
_______, ________, and ________ of the voice play a significat role on our conversation body language & tone
Regarding civil liability arising from the custodial care of prisoners who is liable? Governmental agency, administrative head, supervisors, individual officer (AOB)
Search and seizure have different meanings? True
The freedom of speech is not absolute when you are using it for? Violence, overthrow government (AOB)
What constitutional amendment applies to illegal search & seizue laws? 4th amendment
What citizens are protected under the 4th amendment? AOB
When transferring an inmate to a new housing module who updates their new housing assignment? Receiving module officer
Inmate face cards will be checked at what times? 0330 and 1530 (checked face to face)
What code do you call when immediate medical attention is required Code 99
When a maintenence worker needs to complete work that is extensive, the module will be locked down for how long? until work is completed
The unit office will get the inmates ready for court by? 630 cdc and 430 nvc
How often do inmates exchange their linen? once a week
A person in special housing has to have a visual check every _____ minutes? 30
Moving an inmates from booking to 2C suicide watch, you will need reasonable suspicion to perform a strip search? True
The difference between intentional & unintentional Intentional: knowing what you're doing is against policy but doing it anyway
EIIP is proactive and IAB is reactive True
EIIP what are the 2 ways to prevent complaints? Be proactive and document reports into ELITE
According to the use of force model, how many stages of defensive tactices are there? 8
What are the two types of basis? Implicit and explicit/conscious and unconscious
When are you allowed to search an inmate's cell? Reasonable suspicion
An inmate getting a telecommunication device in jail will serve a ______ term? consecutive
Inmates are deemed to work in jail when sentenced, unless judge says otherwise? True
If an inmate going to court needs a golf pencil who will give them one? Field service officer
To set a standard that will prevent and have a zero tolerance against sexual assault, sexual harassment and rape? Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003
Reasons why an increase in sexual victimazation has happene? Higher violent crimes inmates population (read question thoroughly)
What is an unauthorized communication with prisoner classifed as? Misdemeanor
Furnishing intoxicants to persons lawfully confined in a jail or detention facility is classified as Felony
Penalty for aiding prisoner to escape Category B felony
When opposite gender enters module what should you announce? Female, male on deck
What should you fill out when supplies are missing or altered? Janitorial discrepancies report
According to NRS 211.130, all prisoners sentence by the judge of any court and sentenced to a term of imprisonment shall? Be deemed to have also been sentenced to labor during such term
Anyone entering CCDC must have an ID True
T/F a comissioned employee can only enter through post 10/lobby & 12th floor? False (there are 4 area of access)
When a male officer is entering a female housing unit to conduct a physical check of a cell, a female officer must be present? True
You must use the back of your hand to pat search the groin area of a male or female? True
If no weapons found, you should check the immediate area of access first True
The unacceptable areas to hit the ESP on the intermediate force is the head, neck, the groin area True
What do you do after you execute a strike? Assess
If the suspects feet are spread, step between them, but DO NOT advance your feet beyond the suspects heels
After handcuffing a person, you must check the immediate area, then check the cuffs for tightness then double lock it? True
You can categorize relationships & feelings as positive, negative, or neutral? True
What are the 3 types of lawsuits can inmate's file? Civil right, habeas corpus, torts
The amount of time it takes an individual to physically react to stimuli, usually 3/4 to 1 full second Lag time
Basic Ready Stance: Midline should be _____ degrees away from suspect 45 degrees
How should your leg weight be distributed? 60% on the back, 40% on the front
What is open hands guard? Perry
Incurring debts within the department no member shall borrow from otherwise become indebted to any other member of the department, unless approved by a supervisor False
4 basic skills to "sizing up the situation" Position, posture, observe, listen
When arriving on shift you must get _____ by the officer you are replacing Briefed
How do you psoition yourself when sizing up the situation? Stand erect: show confidence, eliminate distracting behaviors, inclining forward
How often is a commissioned ofc (cpt or below) required to successfuly pass the defensive tactices proficiency test? Quarterly
Which comes first, sight alignment of sight picture? Sight alignment
How long will LVMPD continue to pay its portion of medical insurance for periods of leave w/o pay 30 days
A technique to reduce presentaiton time or to cover a threat is known as low ready
Getting the gun out is know as Presentation draw
What allows you to draw inferences about emotion of an inmate Observing
An inmate's housing is permanent once assigned False
Background investigators are to inform other parties involved of criminal history false
Inmate can be taken out of activity for a visit? False
According to 211.410 inmates will be charged to use teh access to healthcare? True
According to handout, who can you not get money from? Family member at CCDC
What does the supreme court want the lower courts to do with their involvement in corrections? Increased
When an inmates escapes or is missing the officer must look through his? Locator cards
Who can authorize code orange? Lieutenant
Officers can dictate use of restraint chair False
Who can approve an extension in restraint chair? Bureau lieutenant
Per SOP restraint chair may not be used as punishment, but as a method of correcting behavior False
Hand tubes are not to be washed in laundry? True
EIIP = _______ proactive
IAB = ________ reactive
An inmates _____ should be inventoried prior to being sent to disciplinary commissary
Members of classification committee includes Sergeant, officer, & psych
Youthful offenders in adult segregation False
When inmate is sentenced to jail or prison they have to work True
If an inmates snetenced to death without parole they are classified as? Maximum
Good time/work time 10 days to 60 days
Inmate can appeal a CAB to central booking captain
What are the 4Cs in report writing Clear, concise, correct, complete
If you witness someone stealing cookies, you have ______ amount of time to write a report? 24 hours
How many violations do you need to have before getting a continuous CAR 5
Moving an inmate from booking to 2Cs suicide do you need probable cause to strip search True
An officer can use his discretion to use tubes on an inmate False
A supervisor and a minimum of 4 officers will participate in putting inmate into the restraint chair True
What should an officer do if he believes an inmate is missing Contact the floor sergeant
An inmate can have a total of 30 photos at his bunk? False (15)
How many pairs of boxers will general population inmates receive? 4 pairs
What are the 3 most common suits inmates file? Civil, habeas, corpus, torts
When the arrest is made on a local warrant, the ____ will serve as the arrest report? DOA Declaration of Arrest
Per department manual, an officer must seek approval from the supervisor to add changes on the TCR? True
If you lose an inmate locator, you may go to records supervisor and request for a duplicate copy? False
Can an officer conduct a strip search during a work activity? Yes
Rubber boots in thw kitchen and tennis shoes in the hallway while at work? True
When are visual checks conducted? (in the kitchen) every 30 min
when you see a family member or anyone of relation you should notify your? supervisor
Indigent inmates request hygiene items through _________ commisary form
General housing and max. units will shower on their free time. They are required to shower at least? 3 times a week
When issued shoes, you can wear them in the module, in the rec yard, and outside of the facility? False
Personal mail must be delievered within? 24 hours
Legal mail should be distributed when? upon receipt
There are 5 felony prone positions? False (there are 4)
According to report writing what number do you need for a use of force report? Event
Can an acting sergeant investigate a use of force? No
The 8 objectives is used in a __________ report? Use of force
Inmates can take legal papers and pencil to legal visit? True
Hospital for victims under the age of 16 Sunrise Hospital
Hospital for victims 16 and older UMC
ACA cycle for re-accredidation every __________ 3 years
4 major areas ACA preparedness inspection Chemical control, tool control, cleanliness, staff knowledge on SOP
How many acrredidations does LVMPD have? 6
what are the 4 types of visitor passes? BLUE-MAINTENANCE
Elements of deadly force Ability, opportunity, imminent jeopardy, preclusion
Graham v. Connor 3 part analysis 1-servirity of crime
2-suspect pose immediate threat
3-suspect actively resist arrest
What court case set the standard for use of force in a pre-trial detainee? Kingsley v. Hendrickson
DSD Mission: to set the standard for American jails through leadership and excellent service while focusing on the safety of the community, staff, and inmates.
NRS 200.575 the crime classification for stalking for the first offense is? Misdemeanor
Crime classification for the crime of Aggravated Stalking? Felony
In order to have the crime of stalking you must have a "course of conduct"? True
Battery against a former spouce is still considered domestic violence? True
The 3 periods of era Hands off era
Hands on era
One hand on, one hand off era
The 2 factors that led the courts to becoming more involved Civil rights movement, poor correctional practices
How often is a youthful offender evaluated by classification? Every 7 days
What are the 2 general types of arrest? Probable cause, warrant
List the classification of a crime? Felony, gross misdemeanor, misdemeanor
three prongs of EIIP? Early identification, early prevention, early intevention
What does EIIP stand for? Early identification and intervention program
According to the recommendation 4.2.2. LVMPD should offer advanced training in? Procedual justice and fair and impartial policing
In 2011 the Las Vegas review journal released a five point series on LVMPD use of deadly force? True
Procedural justice can be defined as attaining? Police legitimacy
Inmate cell doors are to remain locked or on ________ control Local