PVA 7th Science 2 Chapter 2 Study Guide

Term Definition
photosynthesis process of making food in plants-takes place in cells with chloroplasts-releases oxygen
____________ and _____________ are at the ed of the photosynthesis process. glucose; oxygen
type of passive transport diffusion
scientists associated with cell theory Schleiden, Schwann, and Virchow
Robert Hooke built a microscope and was the first to discover cells
found in the nucleus nucleic acids
What undergoes respiration? plants and animals
Serve as barriers in the cells lipids
RNA makes proteins
What makes up the macromolecule carbohydrate? sugar
Function of cell membrane offers protection from the outside environment
lyosomes breakdown and recycle cell components
golgi bodies prepare proteins for transport in the cell
alcohol fermentation type of fermentation that produces alcohol and CO2
nucleus largest organelle
Substances too large to pass through the cell membrane enter the cell in a process called ____________. endocytosis
the process where food is broken down and energy is released respiration
cell membrane outer boundary of cell, allows substances in and keeps others out
Shape of cell tells you something about the job the cell does
provide energy carbohydrates and lipids
fermentation takes place in cytoplasm of cell
cell membrane outer boundary of cell, carries out functions to ensure the cell's survival
cell membrane membrane that separates the interior of the cell from its surroundings
golgi body structure in cells that sorts proteins and packs them into vessels
Mitochondria energy producers of the cell, carries out cellular respiration
nucleus controls all the activities within a cell
cytoplasm jelly-like substance within a cell, containing organelles, water, and life-supporting
vaculoes storage compartment in cells, sometimes used to store waste
cell wall rough, rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane and gives the cell a regular, box-like shape
organelles a cell structure in which the functions are carried out to esure the cell's survival