Stack #2592167 CJr: Key Native American Facts

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REGION: Arctic – very cold & little vegetation
FOOD: depended on hunting & fishing (sea mammals, polar bears, caribou, fish)
HOUSING: *Permanent* = made of stone & dirt
*Temporary* = igloos made of ice
REGION: Pacific Northwest – rainy
FOOD: depended on hunting & fishing (sea mammals, clams, fish, forest animals)
HOUSING: *Permanent* = large wooden lodges made of cedar
MISCELLANEOUS: made totem poles & had Potlatches (wood was very important)
REGION: lots of forest & water resources
FOOD: farmed (corn, beans, squash) & hunted forest animals
HOUSING: *Permanent* = longhouses made of trees & bark NORTHEAST
REGION: Southwest – typically hot & dry
FOOD: Expert farmers (corn, beans & squash)
HOUSING: *Permanent* = used adobe (housing made of clay, mud & stone); finished houses were called, 'pueblos' SOUTHWEST
REGION: Plains – flat, grassy & dry
FOOD: depended on hunting (buffalo)
HOUSING: *Temporary* = in order to follow the buffalo; 'tipis' were made from buffalo skin & sticks PLAINS
REGION: Southeastern/Florida – swampy
FOOD: farming (corn, beans, squash) hunting & fishing (deer, wild turkey, alligators)
HOUSING: *Permanent* = lived in 'chickees' with raised stilts to avoid the swampy land SOUTHEAST