Unit test 1

Question Answer
Name the Country: Controlled Spice Islands Lost New Amsterdam Netherlands (Dutch)
Name the Country: Plantations in Southern 13 Colonies of East Coast of North America Trading in India Settler in Australia England (Great Britain)
Name the Country: Plantations in Brazil Trading Posts in Africa and India Portugal
Name the Country: Plantation and mining Colonies in Western South America; Central America; West Indies Spain
Name the Country: North America from Quebec down the Mississippi to Louisiana (trading); Haiti (Plantation) France
Economics: The Difference between Exports and Imports Balance of Trade
Economics: Pattern of Exchange between Africa, Europe, and the Americas created by Mercantilism Triangular Trade
Economics: Economic Policy Designed to gain wealth for the mother country by using colonies to limit imports Mercantilism
Economics: Free Exchange of Goods and Services. Buyers and sellers make decisions. Market Economy
Economics: Increased Trade and Free markets led to this economic system based on private ownership and driven by individual profit. Capitalism
Technology and Advancement: Needle that always points North Compass
Technology and Advancement: Device used to find your location using the stars Astrolabe
Technology and Advancement: Chemical that will explode when lit Gunpowder
Technology and Advancement: Fast lightweight ship that was used for exploration and could sail against the wind Caravel
Technology and Advancement: Technology that helped Europeans to defeat much larger groups ofNative Americans Gunpowder
People: Portuguese prince who founded a school for navigation beginning the age of exploration Prince Henry the Navigator
People: First European to find an ocean route to Asia Vasco Da Gama
People: This European Mother Country had the best relations with the Native Americans due to their reliance on the Fur Trade France
People: Originally formed from wealthy merchants, they contributed to the growth of capitalism by purchasing goods Middle Class
People: The widespread death of people due to disease lead to the increase in the Atlantic slave trade as a new labor source Native Americans
Mixed Bag: Three motivations for European Expolration God, Glory, Gold
Mixed bag; Transition of People, Plants, Animals, and diseases between the New World and the Old World Colombian Exchange
Mixed Bag: Name given the Horrific journey slaves underwent across the atlantic Middle Passage
Mixed Bag: The Europeans were only able to establish trading post colonies on this continents due to its powerful Empires Asia
Mixed Bag; Used in the Spanish colonies to manage native american forced labor in their plantations and gold and silver mines Encomienda System