Westward Expansion

Question Answer
Union Pacific Railroad Company Began building in the east. Irish immigrants worked for this company by helping build the railroad across the plains.
Central Pacific Railroad Company Began building in the west (California) mainly Chinese built it.
Homestead Act Government offered land for very little money to settlers who had to work in the west. This helped encourage people in the west.
Cattle drives Ranchers/Cowboys herded cattle from the west and east, south, north to make money.
Battle of Bighorn Lakata Indians fought against American armies. Indians have victories against them.
Custers last stand.
Effects of the transcontinental railroad Increased population in the west
Conflicts with Native Americans
Decreased buffalo population
More resources were available
Changes for the Native Americans as people moved west Government forced Indians to live on reservations. & the government granted this land.
Railroad destroyed hunting grounds & harmed the buffalo population
Arrival of the ranchers, miners, farmers took over the land
Challenges for the Chinese immigrants working to build the railroad Dangerous working conditions
very poor pay
food & water shortages
Inventions that helped settlers on the Great Plains in the west railroad
blue jeans
Effects of people searching for gold in the west boom towns
increased population in the west
ghost towns