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What was the Union Pacific Railroad company ? The Union Pacific Railroad Company had mostly Irish immigrants who helped to start building the Transcontinental railroad in the east.
What was the Central Pacific Railroad company ? The Central Pacific Railroad company were mostly Chinese immigrants who started building the ITransconteontinental railroad in the west and planned to meet the Union Pacific in the middle of the United States.
What was the Homestead act ? It was a law passed by the government saying new settlers moving to the west could get new land fr almost free if they farmed it.The homestead act was passed to try to increase the population of the western United States.
What were cattle drives ? Cattle drives were where ranchers in Texas would transport large amounts of cattle to the north because after the Civil war the northern states had no meat.
What was the Battle of Little Big Horn ? It was a battle between the Lakota natives and the US troops over land . The natives won and US general Custer was killed.
What were some effects of the Transcontinental railroad ? *people could travel faster across the country
*mail could be delivered much faster
*Farmers could deliver their crops and livestock
*population of the Western United States was increased
What were some changes for Native Americans as people moved west ? *buffalo were killed
*Native Americans were forced off their land and had to move to government reservations
*destroyed farming land and hunting grounds
What were challenges for the Chinese immigrants working on the railroad ? *discrimination
*harsh weather
*worked long hours
*used dynamite
What were some new inventions that helped the new settlers in the west ? *steel plows
*barbed wire
What were some effects of people searching for gold in the west? *boom towns
*ghost towns
*blue jeans
*more population out west